DYNA SC-12 Firewood Processor

The DYNA SC-12 XP Firewood Processor is our entry-level firewood processor with an upgraded V-twin Honda 20 hp engine at an affordable price. With the ability to handle 10’ logs up to 14” in diameter, it’s perfect for processing truckloads of 100” logs. Quick to setup, easy to operate the SC-12 Firewood Processor performs smoothly with a reliable 20 HP Honda motor, allowing you to easily process over one and a half full cords of firewood per hour. A heavy duty 18” harvester bar on the hydraulic saw cuts quickly, and the 4” X 24” hydraulic cylinder splits firewood into a 4 standard way or optional 6 way fixed wedge. (6-way bundling wedge limited to 10” diameter logs) Logs are loaded into the machine and advanced into the cutting position with easy joystick controls. Then with one single joystick the clamp and saw are engaged hydraulically dropping the cut section into the splitter trough. One more lever engages the splitting ram pushing the log through a 4 way wedge , across the trash bars and onto the conveyor. The standard integrated 8’ conveyor makes loading a trailer easy.

Product Specifications for the SC-12 XP Firewood Processor

Log Diameter12' (15' Max)
Log Length10'
Harvester Bar18' L
Splitter Type2 and 4 Way (Optional 6 Way)
Splitter Cylinder4' x 24'
Splitter Cycle10 Seconds
Power20HP Honda
Cords Per Hour1-1.5
Saw Chain0.404
Log LoaderNew! Comes Standard
Additional OptionsRegen Valve for faster splitting, Third Live Deck Arm, 8' Conveyor