HUD-SON Firewood Wrapper

The original Hud-son Firewood Bundler, comes standard with wheels to make it easier for moving around the worksite and for storage. It bundles firewood from lengths of 14” to 24” up to 12”x 12” square. Firewood is wrapped using a standard size 11” wrap available at many retail stores and of course Hud-son. Hud-son’s bundler is simple to use. Firewood is loaded into the tray, once you have your desired amount, it is ready to be wrapped. Wrapping begins by placing the wrap over the bundle then turning the hand crank to start wrapping. Once completed cut the wrap and remove the firewood bundle now ready to be sold. Has a working height of 36” and has 1” pillow block bearings. We have added a new style bundler to our line of wrappers. This hitch mounted mini firewood wrapper is perfect for ATV's.

You can now bundle wood right where you cut it. 9 inch square bundles of wood, mounted to a 2 inch receiver hitch , wraps lengths of 13-18 inches. Our Electric firewood bundler effectively bundles I cube (12' x 12') of firewood. Ideal for camp stores, roadside bundled wood sales. Increase your dollars per cord by selling bundled firewood. Simple foot pedal operation make bundling easy and fast. Comes standard with wheel kit for easy portability and storage. Our newest addition to the Hud-Son Forest Firewood Bundler family is our mid-size bundler. It has a 9”x9” cradle, 12”-20” long wood capability. It measures 41” wide, 33” deep, 38” tall and weighs 75 lbs, it takes an 8” wrap and has a 1 to 1 ratio on the crank.

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