NEW QualityBalfor tractor 3pt skidding winch. All units come complete with cable and PTO shaft. Our winches are powerful and tough and are strong enough to pull timber up even the steepest of forest slopes. Robustness is the main feature of our winches. Like other BALFOR products these too are painted with epoxy, so that your machine does not only remain effective over time, but also maintains their appearance. Six sizes available 3ton $2434.00 9mmx60m cable 20 hp min, top pulley only 3.5 ton $2722.00 9mmx70m cable 30 hp min. 4.5 ton $3434.00 10mmx 70m cable 40hp min. 5.5H ton $5015.00 Hydraulic winch 10mmx90mm 60hp min remote control option, 7.5 ton $5160.00 12mm x 80m cable 70 hp min. 9 ton  12mmx105m cable 85hp min.

All winches 4.5 tons and larger include chainsaw carrier and trailer hitch 9 ton winch is hyd/electric control